Pest Control

Southern facility is an expert in the field of Pest control Management and Anti-termite treatment solutions. We perfectly understand how pests can make life truly miserable, whether it may be a business institution, home, hospital or any other place.

Service Features:
  • Designing of Pest Control Treatment Schedules.
  • The office will be serviced on day of Schedule.
  • All areas will be inspected and treated as needed with pre defined schedule.
  • Planned & Controlled Strategies.
  • Latest Equipment & Eco Friendly Technology.
  • Disposal & Removal.
  • All work is guaranteed to be performed in a professional manner and in conjunction with up-to-date treatment techniques and application methods.
Details about pest infestation and pest control remedies:-
Sr. No. Type of Infestation Signs of Infestation Signs of Infestation Remedy
1 Rodents Distinctive smell and noise
Damage stock and cause damage to the fabric of premises
Mouse droppings
Rodent proofing & regular mouse control service
2 Ants Live insects and ants travelling in a line in your premises Identify the species
Close access points
Regular fumigation to be conducted
3 Mosquito Clusters of flies, either alive or dead Install mosquito netting
Remove stagnant water and clear all garbage as they are breeding grounds for flies / mosquitoes
Place fly killers in appropriate locations
4 Cockroach Dead adult cockroaches or egg cases
Cockroaches are nocturnal and if seen during the day it is a sign of infestation
Remove food droppings and ensure cleanliness of premises
Garbage / waste to be cleared regularly and area to be cleaned
Night time inspections are better
Regular visits by cockroach control service
5 Termites The presence of termite tubes made of earth, snaking their way across an exposed area
Termites often destroy wood from within, leaving hardly any indication from the outside
Unfortunately there is no homemade remedy for termites
Clean sweep offers termite control with a guarantee for a set period.