House Keeping Services

Cleaning Services

“ I Love Cleaning. I love mopping the floor. If you need your floor mopped I’m there.” –Saoirse Ronan
Southern Facility Services work environment is Spotless, Secure and Pleasant, delivers right from house-keeping and pantry services to cleaning a classroom, staffroom, conferences, play ground, Swimming Pool etc. Southern Facility Services office administrations with its involvement in cleaning industry and an intention to give perfect and hygienic environment to its clients, has now dispatched cleaning services. The development of economy has led to rise in twofold wage families, increase spending patterns and busier ways of life, along these lines prompting an expansion interest for Homecare services.

Southern Facility Services presents a bundle of services to keep up your way of life and class. Our services are conveyed at your convenient time and for all events.

Our Services in detail:

  • Routine cleaning

    • High/Vertical surface cleaning
    • Upholstery dry vacuuming
    • Dusting
    • Electrical Fittings/Fixtures cleaning
    • Wall stain removal
    • Glass cleaning
    • Mopping (dry & wet)
    • Kitchen cleaning
    • Washroom steam cleaning

  • Moving out cleaning

  • Moving can be very hectic and time consuming. Let Southern take care of all your cleaning needs, so you can focus on other moving tasks. While every Southern clean is tailored to your specific cleaning needs, there are standard elements that are included:
    • A thorough cleaning of your bathrooms and kitchens.
    • Wiping of cupboard exterior.
    • Washing of all floors.
    • Dusting of baseboards, pictures, lamp shades, window sills and furniture and light fixtures.
    • Complete vacuuming of every room.
    • Spot clean walls, door frames, baseboards etc.
    To ensure the thoroughness of your move- out clean, please remove all furniture and moving materials prior to your cleaning. If you require anything else – just ask!

  • Move-in cleaning

  • Whenever you move into a new place, one of the first things you'll probably do is to clean the entire house. Even if you're moving to another state or to another country, you should always do a thorough clean before your stuff arrives.
    • The Kitchen
    • Clean the Fridge and Stove
    • Kitchen Cabinets and Counters
    • Scrub the Sink
    • Clean the Walls
    • Clean the Floors


    Regular Wash

    Have your fabrics washed, all clean and fresh with our service. We keep in mind that each fabric is different and we take care of your garments like no one else.

    Dry Cleaning

    Get your silks and wools and just about everything dry cleaned at a great cost. Ask us about our express delivery systems for earlier delivery.


    Need clothes, fabrics bleached? We will take care of all your garment bleaching needs.

    Kitchen Hygiene

    To avoid making yourself ill through breeding bugs and accumulated germs in your kitchen, you need to be aware of routinely cleaning it to ensure it stays a hygienic environment for you and your housemates.

    The Four Cs of food hygiene:

    • Cross contamination

    • Cleaning

    • Cooking

    • Chilling

    We offer services in cleaning the following things and ready for others also.
    • Fridge

    • Freezer

    • Oven

    • Sink

    Kitchen Stewarding

    Cleaning and Maintenance

    Keeping things clean is usually the biggest part of a kitchen steward’s job. At the end of the day, the steward will typically help get everything put back to normal and clean state . This often involves sanitizing workspaces, scrubbing floor and sealing up unused ingredients. Manually scrubs pots, pans and other kitchen equipment that cannot be washed automatically, using detergents, scourers and special solutions as required. Inspects for cleanliness, manually dries with hand towels and puts away in correct places.

    Storing and Organizing

    Keeps the dish room in clean and orderly condition at all times by sweeping, mopping, emptying trash, wiping counters and equipment and organizing shelves in order to maintain a sanitary work station and to meet mandated health compliance requirements.