Facility Management Services

Operations & Maintenance

  • Operations & Maintenance of all installations
  • Breakdown Maintenance
  • Preventive and Predictive Management
  • Co-ordination with contract agencies including third party contractors
  • Statutory compliances
  • Energy conservation
  • Budgeting
  • Training & Audits
  • MIS and Reporting
  • 24/7 Support from our technical team
  • Implementation of EHS standards and policy (Environment, Health & Safety Policy)

Building Fabric and Asset maintenance

Management provides the asset check out functionality in order to prepare, configure and maintain assets for use. This enables you to manage assets as they are moved around the enterprise for use in multiple settings. As well, the usage can be monitored and intervening maintenance or service events can be tracked while the asset is out of use.

Asset Maintenance, Service and Inspection Management

At various intervals, all assets require some degree of maintenance, such as routine mechanics for company vehicles or repainting an office or building. Scheduling and tracking this type of maintenance provides a more complete picture of the true costs and revenues associated with these assets..

Plant Maintenance

The following services are provided in accordance with the industries best practices in integration with the clients process specifications
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Services.
  • Base-Building Power and Air-Conditioning Services:
  • Operation, maintenance and repairs of the Power & Electrical Services.
  • Distribution Boards & Panels:,
  • Fire Safety Services, Fire alarm and fire suppression systems:
  • Civil, Carpentry, Plumbing and Allied Works:
  • Elevators:
  • Public Address Systems:
  • Planned Preventive Maintenance:

Minor Civil works and fit outs

Operation & Maintenance:
  • Water Management Systems
  • Minor repairs of Sanitary fixtures
  • Pump Operations
  • Maintenance of spares
  • Ensuring adequate water in the overhead tanks for use
  • Cleaning of tanks at periodic intervals.
  • Sourcing water when needed
  • Testing the same for quality ( TDS )
  • Operation & maintenance of Water management system , WTP / STP / ETP wherever applicable
  • Minor repairs of Sanitary fixtures
  • Pump Operation
  • Maintenance of spares